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August is Rattlesnake Season

Keep your eyes open for baby rattlesnakes starting in August. These pit vipers give live birth, and a baby’s bite delivers a full venom injection, making it just as dangerous as an adult. You can recognize a rattlesnake by its triangular-shaped head and pattern of dark diamonds or hexagons. If you’re close enough to see a rattlesnake’s vertical pupils—like a cat’s eye—you’re too close. Rattlesnakes like to hide in rocky areas—landscaping, rock walls, and rocky Hill Country terrain. Their favorite foods are small rodents, such as mice, and lizards.

We’ve removed rattlesnakes from the usual rocky areas, as well as from underneath wooden porches, garden sheds, and pier-and-beam houses. If you find rattlesnakes under your house or an outbuilding, do not throw chemicals or liquids on them. That will not make them leave. Call us instead. We once removed 37 coiled, hissing angry rattlesnakes from underneath a house after they had been doused with liquid by the homeowner. We’d rather not have them that upset!