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Who We Are

Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Professionals

Our team at Varmint Masters has probably seen more bugs, bats, rodents, snakes, and other pests in our lifetimes than most people do. These pests are not only annoying, but they can also cause extensive property damage and even illness. Removing them is only the first step. Our team excels at not only removing them (using the most humane practices possible), but also offers exclusion services to keep the critters from coming back, and repair services to put their damage back to the way it was.

Contact the wildlife removal and pest control experts at Varmint Masters, and let us handle the issues for you.

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Why Choose Us?

We're Experts in Our Field

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  • Varmints Are Our Business

    Our company specializes in wildlife and insects in Texas. Our professional team includes wildlife biologists with expertise spanning herpetology (snakes), entomology (insects), mammalogy (mammals), and ornithology (birds). We understand their biology, life cycles, and behavior, so we can remove them safely and efficiently and prevent them from returning.

  • We Handle Pests Strategically

    Eliminating a single mouse, raccoon, skunk, or red wasp entry point isn’t enough. There is usually a family or a nest of hundreds of individuals associated with the one that you see. We attack the whole problem.

  • We Handle Cleanup and Repair

    Rodent infestations, dead animals, and other creatures living in your home or garage leave toxic waste behind. Viruses, fungi, parasites, and microspores cause disease and are potentially harmful to you and your family. We thoroughly disinfect and decontaminate affected areas. In addition, we can repair walls, insulation, sheetrock, and other structures.

  • We’re Known for Ethics and Quality

    Varmint Masters is locally owned and operated. You can always recognize Varmint Masters by our easily recognizable uniforms and fully detailed vehicles when we arrive at your property. We will provide a thorough inspection, a recommendation for the best solution, and a realistic estimate. We handle wildlife and pests humanely, with as little impact on you and your family as possible. We prioritize emergencies, respond promptly, and never leave a job unfinished. Our clients hire us back, and they recommend us to friends, neighbors, and employers.