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Why Critter Infestations Increase in the Fall

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  • Waylon Huggins
  • Wildlife Removal
  • October 3, 2023
Why Critter Infestations Increase in the Fall

As the leaves begin to change and temperatures start to drop, fall brings a host of changes to our environment. While many of us relish the crisp autumn air and the vibrant colors of foliage, it’s also a time when critter infestations tend to increase. Understanding the reasons behind this surge in infestations can help homeowners take proactive measures to protect their properties. In this blog post, we’ll explore why critter infestations become more prevalent in the fall.

1. Search for Shelter:

One of the primary reasons critter infestations rise in the fall is the search for shelter. As the weather turns colder, many animals seek warm, secure places to hunker down for the winter months. This includes not only pests like rodents and insects but also wildlife such as squirrels, raccoons, and bats.

2. Breeding Season:

Fall marks the breeding season for several species of critters. Mating pairs may venture into homes and buildings in search of suitable nesting sites. Rodents like mice and rats are notorious for their prolific breeding habits, and a small infestation can quickly become a significant problem if not addressed promptly.

3. Access to Food:

Fall also provides critters with increased access to food sources. As crops mature and fruits ripen, wildlife and pests alike are drawn to gardens, orchards, and food storage areas. This can lead to infestations of insects, rodents, and other critters looking to feast on the abundance of available food.


What You Can Do

Preventing critter infestations is often the most effective approach to dealing with the seasonal increase in fall. Here are some proactive steps you can take:

Seal Entry Points: Critters often gain access to homes and buildings through small cracks and openings. Regularly inspect your property for potential entry points and seal them with appropriate materials.

Secure Food Sources: Keep food stored in airtight containers, both indoors and outdoors. This helps deter pests like rodents from seeking out your pantry as a food source.

Maintain Your Landscape: Trim overhanging branches and bushes away from your home to reduce access points for critters. Keep your yard clean and free of debris that might attract wildlife.

Professional Animal Exclusion: One of the most effective methods for preventing critter infestations is to hire professionals who excel at animal exclusion, like Varmint Masters Wildlife Removal. These experts can assess your property, identify vulnerabilities, and implement exclusion measures to keep critters out.


As the fall season arrives, critter infestations tend to increase due to the search for shelter, breeding season, access to food, and the desire for safety. These infestations can pose health risks, cause property damage, and disrupt daily life. To protect your home from critter infestations, it’s essential to take preventive measures and seek professional assistance when needed. Varmint Masters Wildlife Removal specializes in humane and effective critter removal, helping homeowners maintain a pest-free and critter-free living environment.

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